Xqc Banned for the fifth time? The reason behind Xqc’s frequent bans!

Xqc banned from NoPixel 3.0 following his fifth ban, but this time seems to be permanent. Xqc has had the opportunity of being constantly in the limelight for his frequent bans on various platforms, be it Twitter or Twitch. The news of the Xqc banned was shared by the Twitter handle xQcOWUpdates, stating that Nopixel discord has marked Xqc’s account as a banned user. Additionally, the news was confirmed by a post from an admin confirming Xqc banned as he is no longer a resident of the city. 

Xqc banned on Nopixel’s 3.0 seems to come off as a result of two major interactions between Xqc and the police officers. Xqc banned is majorly attributed to these events as the ban happened after these interactions. The event: Xqc unlocked another player’s handcuffs and handcuffed himself, and later, on the roadside stop shot down a police officer. 

The server has certain rules for Random Death Match: Players can not attack other players unless any story or roleplay is leading to it. Why is Xqc banned related to the police officer’s interaction? Well, a similar event happened shortly before the attack, PENTA, one of the server’s police officers attempted a roadside stop of Jean-Paul(Xqc’s character) and another player and was shortly gunned down in his vehicle. 

PENTA’s response to Xqc banned

Reportedly, PENTA didn’t claim to have reported these events to the admins but looks like admins took notice as the ban happened a few hours later only. According to PENTA, he could have reported the events to admins but he has chosen not to. He further said that had he reported this to the admins and Xqc banned was pointed at him, he would have suffered at the hands of Xqc’s community itself for being the culprit.

In another statement, PENTA said there was no point in him reporting Xqc’s act as Xqc was banned three times before too, and it makes no sense to him. Following Xqc banned on Nopixel 3.0, many roleplayers featured a Thankyou message to Xqc’s time given on the server, while many others lent their support to Xqc and expected a potential comeback. 

Why was Xqc banned from Twitter?

Popular Streamer xQc Banned From Twitter After Using A Clip From His Own  Stream

In December 2020, Xqc banned by Twitter from showing a clip from a year-old stream. Twitter officials referred to Xqc banned as violating Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), an act that aims to protect copyrighted material in digital spaces. Soon the ban was lifted, and Xqc burst out his frustration on the social platform tweeting, “WONDERFUL AND WELL [THOUGHT] OUT SYSTEM!!”. “Next stop? Jail!”

Many streamers came under the fire of getting banned for old material that violated DMCA, however, it led to rising frustration with DMCA crackdown amongst streamers.

Xqc banned from Twitch for stream sniping

Twitch Streamer xQc Temporarily Banned for Stream Sniping

It looks like Xqc has come to terms with his continuous suspension and banning from different platforms, either accidentally or intentionally.

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During the “Fall Guys” tournament, Xqc banned from Twitch for violation of tournaments rules and regulations, and general streamer etiquettes. Xqc allegedly stream-sniped another player that is against the tournament’s rules. Stream sniping is an act of watching competitors online so that you know they are on the map, and it is easier for you to track them and succeed them. The event: xQc used stream sniping in “Fall Guys” to take out his team’s opponents after he was eliminated in a massive battle royale. Because Xqc was also streaming, it was very easy for viewers to spot (and document) his cheating. This, in turn, led many viewers to wonder whether Twitch would ban him. Twitch did ban Xqc temporarily. After the ban, Xqc asked his fans to not defend him. Also, he accepted that while his acts are funny, sometimes they are malicious. Xqc has been quite famous for his acts in the streamers community, but this doesn’t get in the way of his popularity. His fans continue to lend their support despite any drama.

Why was Xqc banned by Dallas Fuel?

Dallas Fuel player xQc receives 7-day Overwatch suspension | Dot Esports

Xqc once had the privilege of enjoying the membership of the Planetary ‘Overwatch’ team then he successfully ruined his chances of having a career with them after a series of misfortunate events that took place back in 2018. A homophobic rant by xQc in January 2018 led to Xqc banned by Dallas Fuel. Polygon reports that xQc made a homophobic statement about fellow competitor Muma after he made fun of xQc’s catchphrases. Overwatch League took immediate action, fining xQc $2,000 and banning him for four games. Dallas Fuel, on the other hand, supported the Overwatch League’s decision. 

That offense marked the end of xQc’s time with Dallas Fuel. As a result of these offenses, Dallas Fuel kindly dismissed xQc from the league. Xqc banned by The Overwatch League and its players were a “cancer” in the eyes of xQc, who called the league and its players evil on the internet.

Xqc banned by League of Legends

xQc Receives Permanent Ban from League of Legends - Dexerto

Another ban happened when Xqc decided to play League of Legends post his ban from Dallas Fuel, but things escalated once users started to report Xqc because they found Xqc in-game comments unflattering and offensive. Additionally, Xqc allegedly harassed users in private messages and this led to an investigation against Xqc communication. This led to Xqc banned by League of Legends. Xqc’s fans were still seen supporting him and clapped back for his apology on his official Twitter handle. This didn’t change his status on League of Legends, the ban is still there and it seems that there is little to no chance that Xqc would return to the Arena.

Xqc banned –Conclusion

‘Xqc banned’ might be a piece of regular news now for the streamer himself, but it doesn’t take away any charm off his shoulders. He gets away with controversies and always comes back with a fresh start leading to another ban, literally speaking. Xqc seems to have come to terms with his frequent bans and suspension. Time and again a ban has been placed on him on different platforms concerning his amateur behavior. Or maybe popularity comes in the essence of eyeballs looking at you; one wrong move and you are banned. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is xqc banned from twitch? 

Twitch streamer XQc was streaming NSFW porn with crude images superimposed over the actors. When xQc realized what he was watching, he pulled the video aside and said, “Uh…what the hell are you guys watching? I can’t!” His plea dropped on deaf ears, as the cartoons didn’t cover as much as he thought.


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