Will you press the button? Your opinion doesn’t matter!

Will you press the button? Well, it comes off as a typical quiz question, and it is. It is sort of a game where you make decisions. How does it work?

A choice must be made in this game. You need to click a “Yes” Green button or a Red “No” button.

Clicking the green button means you agree

Clicking the Red Button means you agree

After you select one option, the Overall view of people will appear on the Result page. 

For a second question, click Next.

It is painful to choose between those two, but there is no other option

30 Will You Press The Button Examples That Are Really Hard To Decide

Just the above picture here. Will you press the button if you had the option to choose from? Let us know.

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About the ‘Will you press the button’ game

Playing and understanding this meme game ‘Will you press the button’ is quite simple. In general, decisions are discussed. Additionally, it can also be viewed as reflecting real life. What’s up? Well, we must all live with and deal with the unfortunate consequences that come with actions, even good ones. A game like this teaches us exactly how to do so.

The first thing a player sees is a red button. You have two options available to you: press red or choose the second option, “I WON’T!” This is located just below the red button. You may be wondering now how do you know when it is the right time to press the button? This is where the game differs from others. A correct or incorrect answer is irrelevant. If you select either, no points will be deducted or added, etc.

So players are generally faced with problems and situations. A challenge or an appeal may accompany these scenarios. It’s a good thing that this situation occurred. However, there are also negative consequences that accompany a positive outcome. There can be many good and bad consequences now. You may feel the effects of it personally. You may know someone affected by it. It can also affect people you don’t know, haven’t met, or will possibly never come into contact with.

The red button must be pressed if you decide to let what happened to happen. The red button does not always need to be pressed if you don’t want a certain situation to occur. Instead, you need to select “I WILL NOT.” The answer is neither right nor wrong. It’s up to you which path to take. Your choices and actions will have consequences, however. Neither the good nor bad consequences are your choice.

If you don’t want to click the red button, you may have several reasons. Maybe you feel there will be more negative consequences than positive ones for you. A situation may not allow you to proceed due to your viewpoint, feelings, or beliefs. However, you also have the option of pressing the red button just for pleasure or for the sake of it. Ultimately, this is just a game.

As an example, say you can live forever; but you will be homeless. What are your plans? Will you press the button? Choosing either option will take you to another link. There is a link that highlights how many people selected the red button. Statistics with regards to those who chose the other option are also shown. So, you can see what the majority would do and how they feel.


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