Walter dog – a name unknown to no internet buddy here. Walter dog became famous for the selfie posted by its owner with the caption “When you open the front-facing camera on accident”, ever since then there is no stopping to Walter dog’s popularity. Walter Dog –the meme dog, its original name is Nelson.

Q A conehead dog meme when u open the front-facing camera on accident -  iFunny :) | Dog memes, Memes, Dogs

Let’s get right into knowing what 10 insane things about Walter dogs.

  1. Walter Dog breed is Bull Terrier

Walter’s dog breed is Bull Terrier. The dog breed is predominantly known for its long egg-shaped head. Walter dog is a family companion dog known for its friendly nature and energetic mood. They are extremely attached to humans; therefore, they do not like to be left alone for hours and wish to be a part of their daily activities. They demand love and affection from humans to be their best friends. Being high on energy and stamina. Walter dog needs plenty of vigorous playtimes. If you plan to keep a Walter Dog, be consistent and playful with your pup.

  1. Fighter dog?

If you know not already, Bull Terrier a.k.a Walter dog was originally bred to fight. As the name suggests: Bull – bulldogs, and Terriers – various terriers. The idea was to create a breed that would bring about a mix of tenacious spirit and agility of Terriers and brute force of bulldogs. The resultant breed was thought of as the ultimate fighting pit dog. However, due to Humane Act 0f 1835, which imposed a ban on Dogfighting and other blood sports, Walter Dog became a companion dog instead.

  1. Triangle shaped Eyes
Miniature Bull Terrier (White) |

The Walter dog is the only breed in the World to have triangle-shaped eyes. Although they are particularly known for their egg-shaped face that eventually falls away to form a Roman Nose.

  1. OCD –Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Biting this tail will cause something interesting to happen!" | British bull  terrier, Bull terrier puppy, Mini bull terriers

Tail chasing is common OCD in Walter dog. A dog chasing its tail may seem fine, but Walter dog may be doing it more than often seen in dogs. When this happens it means the canine has developed a personality disorder. Another form of OCD in Walter dogs it’s that spin. What can you do to avoid or mitigate these disorders? Keep your dog busy or engaged.

  1. Looks muscular but is sweet.
White Bull Terriers playing - My Doggy Rocks

Walter dog comes off as Muscular, strong built but Walter dog is a very sweet, gentle dog. A bull terrier’s goofy personality makes him a great choice for families with children. There is no end to the fun the dogs have playing and getting into mischief. They are known to be clowns of the dog world.

  1. Walter dog – An intelligent Spokesdog

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Limelight is not unknown to the Walter dog. It is famous for its impeccable friendly and jolly nature. Walter dog worked as Mascot of Bud Light back in 1987. The Walter dog was marketed as a man’s pet, usually accompanied by a gaggle of women (“Spudettes”). Honey Tree Evil Eye, more commonly known as “Evie” or “Eve”, was the name of the cool bachelor-hound. However, people loved it. This advertisement led to a 20 percent increase in Bud Light sales between 1987 and 1988. 

  1. Walter Dog – They be Deaf!
15 Funny Bull Terriers That Will Cheer You Up | PetPress

Walter’s dog sometimes has trouble with hearing. Although it was believed that deafness could be bred out, breeders continue to breed deaf ones. It is hereby concluded that people thought that offspring of dogs with one deaf ear cannot produce completely deaf offspring. Umm… Weird Science.

  1. Comes in all sizes –Miniature Bull Terriers
Miniature Bull Terrier Information and Pictures - PetGuide

The breed might technically be different, Walter dogs come in small sizes too – known as Miniature Bull Terriers. Miniature Walter dogs grow about 14 inches tall only, While the fully grown ones are 21 inches tall. In addition to being hypoallergenic, these dogs shed much less than their larger counterparts.

  1. Low maintenance dogs
Grooming Bull Terrier (ebook) - YouTube

Grooming-wise, these dogs don’t require a lot of attention. Most of the time, keeping them clean requires weekly brushing and occasional wiping down with a damp cloth, though during shedding seasons you’ll have to brush more frequently.

  1. Facts about Walter Dog 
Dog Breed GroupBull Terrier dogs 
Height Male: 22-inch Female: 21-inch 
Weight  Male: 55-65 pounds Female: 45-55 pounds 
Life Span 10-12 years 
Length Short 
Characteristics Flat 
ColorsWhite or any other combination of white.
Grooming Needs Low 
Club Recognition AKC and UKC classification as a terrier 
Exercise Requirement40 minutes a day 
Energy LevelVery active and energetic 
Tendency To Drool, Snore, Bark, And DigLow 
Social Attention NeedsModerate 
Litter Size The average litter size is 5

Final Word:

Though Walter dog/Bull terriers are powerful and tough, they are also gentle and affectionate towards their owners. A great canine companion to have at home, they’re playing with everyone in the family.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Walter dog live?

The average life cycle is 10-12 years, however, some dogs may live longer depending upon their lifestyle and health.

Is Walter dog smart?

As for their appearance, they look muscular and strong. They are smart, intelligent, and fun personalities.

Is it hard to train a Walter dog?

As for strong-willed dogs like Walter, they are not recommended for first-time pet parents or newbies. They may become aggressive or agitated towards strangers or other people/pets without initial training or socializing.


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