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Moviespapa is public and pirated torrent platform that allows users to stream and download movies online. The types of movies available are mostly Bollywood but there is a good collection of Hollywood movies as well.

Moviespapa also offers movies in other languages such as Arabic, Hindi, English, Irani, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Pakistani, Gujarati, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali movies. Moviespapa also offers a wide range of movies with genres from all over the world.  Recently, Moviespapa has changed its domain name to: so if you want to watch anything on Moviespapa then don’t forget to switch to the new link. 

What does Moviespapa offer?

As discussed earlier, since Moviespapa is a public torrent, it offers all movies via pirated content. The hosting and site service is conducted by anonymous people at the back-end for Moviespapa. It is simple to watch and download movies on Moviespapa, users will have to search the domain name on the internet; once they visit Moviespapa, they can search their desired choice in the search bar and carry on watching or downloading the movie from anywhere, anytime and any device they want.  However, Moviespapa may not be a good option if you’re sensitive about your privacy since it uses the ad clicking rule so that publishers at the back end can earn money whenever someone visits Moviespapa. 

Although Moviespapa offers a wide range of languages for movies, it also provides users with free access to ‘pornography’ material which is not easily accessible on some other torrent websites. Moreover, Moviespapa also gives users a chance to search for their favorite TV shows or web series and they are available in different languages and not just in Hindi or English. Due to the huge collection of shows and movies available on Moviespapa, this platform is well-known in India. 

Moviespapa vs. other torrent websites

Moviespapa offers a huge collection of movies with different languages which not even popular websites like Downloadshub or ssr movies offer. Moreover, Moviespapa is not a safe platform in comparison to Downloadshub because it uses pay-per-click advertising which can be used to access identities of users and used for dangerous purposes as well.

Other than that, Moviespapa has an advantage over platforms like ssr movies, filmy4wap, and moviesflix, that it offers the ‘dual audio’ feature which is only available on Downloadshub other than Moviespapa; this feature enables users to access their favorite movies and shows by selecting the language of their choice as well as embedded subtitles or dubbing in some cases.

Although Moviespapa is famous, it is not a safe and secure platform more than Downloadshub or soaptoday movies. Also, like Downloadshub, Moviespapa offers picture quality from 300-1080p which makes Moviespapa a top choice as well.

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SUGOI DEKAI MEANING and How to use it?

Is it illegal to use Moviespapa?

Many people get swayed by the word ‘free’ on these torrent platforms and get trapped in these tricks but what they don’t know is what happens behind the scenes for running these websites. Moviespapa in the same way is operated by unknown servers and website owners who earn money as soon as users click on any ads or choose to watch or download movies from Moviespapa.

It definitely allows users to access whatever and whenever they want with the option to choose their desired picture quality as well however, it is illegal completely! Moviespapa is not only illegal but also not a secure platform which is why the government bans such kinds of websites because they upload pirated versions of movies which the showbiz crews work so hard for every day.

Moviespapa however takes their hard work within minutes and uploads them without any permission or contract. This is why if a user uses Moviespapa without any VPN service, he or she is more likely to get in trouble for accessing Moviespapa in the first place. This is entirely illegal and users may be found guilty by getting in the trap while the anonymous game players at the back will not be caught so easily. 

Moviespapa is blocked under anti-piracy legislation and is considered unlawful. The web address of Moviespapa has been under custody several times which is why it is illegal and to prevent these circumstances, users are recommended to use other safer and legal methods of getting access to their desired movies or TV shows

How to download movies from Moviespapa?

  1. Download the VPN master app

You will need to search for the VPN master app in your app store if you’re using iPhone and play store for android. If you’re using a laptop or a pc, just download a suitable VPN extension. Anything is fine.

  1. Search for a movie 

You can either search for a particular movie you’re looking for or choose one from the options shown below.

  1. Scroll the page down to watch/ download the movie

If you want to watch movies online on Moviespapa, then choose the ‘Watch Online Movies’ option, otherwise, if you want to download the movies from Moviespapa, then choose the rest of the three options shown below. 

  1. Unlock the download link

If you’ve chosen to download the movie from Moviespapa, then click on the ‘unlock download links’ option once another page opens.

  1. Choose a download link

You will be shown a range of download links once you click on the unlock option. Choose the one that works best for you.

  1. Click on ‘Create download link’

As you choose a download link, a new page shall appear and you should choose to create the download link option.

  1. Select the download icon 

Another page shall open and now you will choose the download icon.

  1. Choose the download option again

Moviespapa plays a lot when users want to download a movie. But this is the last download link you’ll have to click because after that you can easily watch your downloaded movie. 

So that’s how you can watch or download a movie from Moviespapa either from your laptop or your phone. Don’t worry about the VPN master if it isn’t available for computers. You may download any VPN extension and use the same steps to watch and download movies from Moviespapa. The good thing about Moviespapa is that it’s compatible with all devices so you won’t have to worry about that and just enjoy your time.

So to summarize, Moviespapa offers the following advantages:

  • Moviespapa has embedded subtitles in the movies which make it easier for the users to watch and enjoy their favorite movies
  • All movies can be downloaded from Moviespapa and watched online as well 
  • Not to mention, Moviespapa offers a range of TV shows, songs, and videos as well.
  • Moviespapa offers a wide range of resolutions such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD DVD Rip, and Blue-Ray as well
  • Moviespapa is a user-friendly website that is compatible with all kinds of devices 


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