I Will Tell You The Truth About Dr Karlov In The Next 60 Seconds.

Dr Karlov – Who? Call of duty: Warzone has a couple of horror villains to its Haunting of Verdansk that includes Dr Karlov too. Dr Karlov is not instantly recognizable to players unlike Jigsaw from Saw or Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre with whom players of the modern era instantly get familiar. The case of Dr  Karlov is a bit more complicated. This character has a long legacy as a horror icon, but he’s less recognizable to anyone who isn’t a silent film aficionado.

Dr Karlov is a notorious Verdansk urban legend who is raged to a point of madness due to countless failures in his laboratory deep inside Gulag. Dr Karlov became super fanatical with electricity and supercharged weaponry, performing his experiments on people who dared to wander around his hideout.

Who is Dr Karlov?

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In Call of Duty: Warzone, Dr. Karlov is adapted from a character from the 1920 novel The Drums of Jeopardy, which was adapted into a Broadway play in 1922 and two films in 1923 and 1931.

In this 1923 motion picture, a scientist named Boris Karlov (Gregor in the film) becomes obsessed with men of the Russian Revolution following the suicide of his daughter’s wealthy Russian aristocrat family, suspecting that one of them committed the act.

Karlov chases these men across the globe in an act of vengeance, desperate to chain them up and use them in his grizzly experiments. There are many horror conventions associated with his character, which are popularized by The Drums of Jeopardy.

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The developers have taken a lot of liberties in designing their mad scientist character, even though Dr Karlov looks somewhat like the character in Warzone.

Verdansk is reputed to have an urban legend about Dr Karlov, according to the official description of the character. His experiments with electricity in the Gulag have resulted in an array of terrifying weapons.

Because Dr Karlov is not as known as he once was, Warzone did not have to adapt him directly, and there is a good chance that the character’s name is simply an inside joke among vintage horror fans. However, it’s interesting to note how the villain got his name


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