How to skateboard – 5 AWESOME Tricks for skateboard beginners in 2021

How to skateboard after you have learned basic riding skills? Before you get on with learning skateboard tricks, make sure your basic skills are well polished. The more polished basic skills the better you are at learning tricks to skateboard. In this how to skateboard article, we will provide you with  5 AWESOME Tricks for skateboard beginners in 2021. Read through to get answers to many questions.

As beginners you don’t necessarily have to jump on to harder tricks – say KickFlip? Begin with learning beginner-friendly skateboard tricks and then, obviously, advance to harder and pro-level skateboard tricks. Everything takes time and so does learning how to skateboard. Let’s get right into it!

Here is a list of 5 AWESOME Tricks for skateboard beginners in 2021 in order of rising difficulty level.

  • how to skateboard kick turn
  • how to skateboard Rock to Fakie
  • how to skateboard Nose stall
  • how to skateboard Manual 
  • how to skateboard Drop-in

1. Kickturn Skateboard

The Kickturn skill is one of the most useful tricks to learn as it sets the foundation for a variety of skills to learn ahead of your skating practices. It may come off as difficult to comprehend at the start as a beginner but its main objective is to help beginners understand the usage of their hips and shoulder to move the board.

How to kickturn on a Skateboard?

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  • Put your skateboard on a gravel surface so that the skateboard possesses a firm hold.
  • Stand on your skateboard keeping the weight of your right leg on the back foot of the skateboard keeping it straight.
  • Next, bend your left leg to lift the front of the board and pivot the board.
  • The movement should come from your arms.
  • You don’t want to lift the skateboard so high that the tail would touch the ground.
  • Lift the board just above the ground that you can balance on the wheels.
  • Push off your skateboard and start skating.
  • Put the weight on the tail of the board through your back leg and bend your leg. 
  • Turn your heels inwards slightly and use your shoulders to follow the movement through with the front of your foot.
  • Once you are going to kick turn and shift your weight once again by straightening your legs.
  • Practice until you nail it! That’s all about how to skateboard kick turns!

2. Rock to Fakie

Rock to Fakie is an easy trick that opens doors to many other tricks ahead of your skating practices.

How to Rock to Fakie on a skateboard

  • Go directly up the ramp so you’re opposed to it. 
  • As you draw nearer to the coping, stress a little on your tail to lift your front truck so your front wheels clear the coping. 
  • Redistribute your weight to your front foot so the center of the board stops on the coping. 
  • Once you have gotten on the coping, shift your weight once again into the bowl with your back foot—however not far that you fall in reverse and pummel. 
  • As you start to switch bearings, put weight on your tail to guarantee your front truck clears the coping again and doesn’t get hung up on it. That’s all about how to skateboard Rock to Fakie!

3. Nose Stall Skateboard

The next trick is a Nose stall skateboard trick and it is so fun and sets the foundation for similar tricks. No, no, it doesn’t require you to skateboard using your nose!

How to do a nose stall on a skateboard

  • We recommend learning this trick on a 3-4 foot tall mini ramp. A nose stall on a skateboard is a super easy trick for a beginner.  
  • So how does it work? You need to place your back foot on the tail of the board, or maybe near the bolts to the tail, while your front foot is on the nose.
  • As soon as you get to the coping, shift your weight to your front foot and push down on the nose. That’s all about how to skateboard a Nose stall!

4. Manual

Practicing your manuals at the basic level might also indicate your affinity for being a more technical versus committed skater. Manuals may seem off the sound in the beginning but trust us they set the foundation to your commitment to skating.

How to manual on a skateboard?

Manual is about holding on to a position and for how long! Think of wheelies – where you lift your front wheels and back wheels balance the equipment – just about it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy right? But, it isn’t! 

  • Get on your board with your back foot on the tail.
  • To get your front wheels off the ground, put your weight on your back foot and lift your nose.
  • Hold the balance. That’s all about how to skateboard!

5. Drop-In Skateboard

Assuming that you have learned all the skating skills mentioned above, now it’s time to level up. Nobody can stop you from being the next Tony Hawk – Literally yes. Drop-in is a trick that demands the balance of commitment and control, perhaps one of the hardest skills to learn as a beginner. Need not worry! We have got you covered to help you master drop in.

How to drop in on a skateboard?

• Step on your board onto the ramp or obstacle’s lip. 

• Place your back foot on the tail of the board to secure your position. 

• Put both of your feet on the board and grab your nose. 

• Lean forward with your whole body, making sure to lead with your head and attempt to kiss your board. 

• Roll away into the spotlight. That’s all about how to skateboard Drop in!

How to skateboard 101?

Skating is no fun if you don’t advance from a beginner-level skill to harder skills and so on. Everything gets a lot easier with practice, effort and commitment. To learn how to skateboard 101, begin with learning the basics of riding then shift to beginner-friendly tricks. When you go through step after step, skating a board gets easier and you can shift to harder tricks. Start with a ramp that is no more than 4-5 feet high and when you try harder tricks get it done under professional supervision or take your peers along for safety purposes. 

How to skateboard ollie

First things first, you need to stand firmly on your skateboard and be ready to ollie.

Next, you must place your back foot( probably left foot) on the tail with the ball of the foot pressed on the edge of the skateboard’s tail.

Keep your front foot( right foot) just a few centimeters above the center of the skateboard.

To build muscle memory, Start practicing your ollie technique by pushing down with your back foot/ankle. Try repeating it for a couple of sets. Here are some pointers on how to skateboard ollie:

1. You must place your back foot( probably left foot) on the tail with the ball of the foot pressed on the edge of the skateboard’s tail.

2. Gently bend your knees and drop your arms.

3. Maintain a straight back and shoulder.

4. Look down at the skateboard while keeping your weight equally distributed across both legs.

5. Jump as you would usually if you weren’t on board.

6. Push down the tail of the skateboard with the ankle and the ball of the foot.

7 When your tail touches the ground, your front foot begins to drag up the board.

8 Catch the nose of the board with your front foot, then push forward and extend your leg while raising your rear foot up.

9 Prepare to land by leveling the skateboard in the air.

Is it easy to learn how to skateboard?

Skateboarding isn’t difficult to learn if you adhere to the fundamentals. Even though it’s tempting, learn to ride and balance before moving on to stunts. You’ll enjoy the rewards later on and move much more quickly. The right tools make a tremendous impact. Invest in Skateboard Cheap skateboards may be hazardous and hard to use. Many beginners quit up because they ride a low-quality, inexpensive skateboard.

How to skateboard uphill

A simple approach is to learn to pump flat and then uphill by utilizing this technique. You can perform it on almost any board, but a dedicated slalom board will help you. This technology we use is far faster than just rolling downhill because you’re pushing the board actively out of each curve. But it’s certainly practicable.

How to skateboard downhill

Take your rear foot off the board and glide it down to slow and stop. On the board, you may also tailslide if you are comfortable enough. Push it down so that the tail drags along the ground with your rear foot on the tail.

How to skateboard faster?

Skating fast on the skateboard isn’t as painstaking as it may seem. Only a few maintenance techniques or a little bit of research can help aggravate your skateboard’s life and make it more streamlined and fast-paced.

  • Replace the ratchet tool for your bears.
  • Bearings are graded by a code called ABEC, Annular Bearing Engineering Committee
  • Bearings are designed for different purposes.
  • A rating of three is slow, and a higher rating is better.
  • A seven ABEC is ideal for quick skating.
  • Check your vehicles to check whether they are ready for use.
  • Whereas skateboard trucks don’t have to do with speed, a rusty truck may make mechanics run incorrectly on a skateboard.
  • Substitute them if they are old and worn.
  • Replace smaller wheels with larger wheels.
  • Larger wheels will make the skateboard faster.
  • Lubricate all parts of the skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to skateboard tricks

Here are some easiest skateboard tricks for beginners.

The Kick Turn
Rock to Fakie
Nose stall
The Drop-in
Learn to Ride Switch
The Tic-Tac
Basic Ollie
180 Ollie
The Boardslide.

How often should you replace skateboard bearings?

We would advocate investing in higher-quality (but not necessarily more costly) items and changing skateboard bearings every two years at the absolute least. Aside from changing your bearings every few years, there are a few other scenarios in which you might consider replacing your present bearings:
1. You have low-quality bearings.
2. The current ones have begun to slow down.
3. You have a broken bearing.

What bearings are best for beginners?

Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings 
Fireball Dragon Precision Skateboard Bearings.
Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings.


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