How to cleanse crystals – Saying Goodbye to Negative Energies 2021

How to cleanse crystals to get the best of the crystals themselves? Do you believe in vibes? Do you believe that crystals take in all the negative energies and chaos off your life into them? Do they bring balance and harmony to you? Many believe so. Like many of us, Crystals need to charge and cleanse to radiate positive energies and eliminate negative energies and vibes – perhaps that’s their job. Good vibe or bad vibe – need to say goodbye to it. You need to cleanse crystals over a while to get them fully charged and do their job at optimum.

There are a couple of methods on how to cleanse crystals, let’s discuss them one by one.

Methods of cleansing:

Here’s a list of topics that we shall discuss later in this article.

  • how to cleanse crystals in saltwater
  • how to cleanse crystals full moon
  • how to cleanse crystals in the  sun
  • how to cleanse crystals sage 
  • how to cleanse crystals in rice 
  • how to cleanse crystals in the soil
  • how to cleanse crystals using a larger stone
  • how to cleanse crystals using intention
  • how to cleanse crystals using sound
  • how to cleanse crystals using running water

Here is an explainer video on how to cleanse crystals:

How to cleanse crystals in saltwater

Using sea salt water can help with getting rid of unwanted energies off your crystals. However, a porous stone that has holes or ridges should not be submerged in salt water as it may damage the crystal. Examples of porous crystals: Pyrite and hematite.

Method of cleansing

Take a bowl of water and add sea salt water to it. If you do not have access to saltwater, grab regular water and add in any regular salt, pink salt, or any other type of salt. Now, submerge the crystal into the bowl of saltwater. Leave it overnight. 

How to cleanse crystals full moon

The full moon is believed to have healing properties. It soothes the soul and vibrates entirely different energy. Have you ever noticed that the night of the full moon is divine, serene, and engulfs discrete silence? Many people do. Full moon cleanses crystals with profound energetic levels and instills in them high vibes. 

Method of cleansing

Take the crystal and place it somewhere that it can directly face the full moon. You can do it just before going to bed. Crystal can be kept in there for a few hours or for the whole night and a portion of natural light too. This way the crystal takes the sun’s energies too. However, you must grab it off the place before 11 a.m. This method applies to all types of crystals.

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How to cleanse crystals in the sun

Although primitive rituals state otherwise you can set your cleansing anytime in the day or the direct sunlight. Sun rays radiate undoubtedly high energies and allow powerful growth, so it is a great idea to cleanse crystals in the sun. Let crystals have a sound bath in the sun.

Method of cleansing

Put the crystals in the sun for a short period of time. It is better to set the crystals directly on the Earth, keeping in mind that it doesn’t hinder passersby or wildlife. Pick the crystal later and remove any dirt or debris and pat dry. You do not want to prolong the exposure to sunlight because it may wither the crystal’s surface. This method of cleansing applies to most tumbles stones. 

How to cleanse crystals sage 

Sage is a sacred plant that possesses healing properties. You can smudge the crystal in the sage to allow negative energies to disperse and positive vibrations to follow the crystal. You can also use palo santo.

Method of cleansing

Get yourself a fire-safe bowl and a loose or bundled sage. Begin with igniting the tip of sage with the help of a lighter or matches. Now hold the sage in your non-dominant hand and with your dominant hand grab the crystal and move it through the sacred smoke. Allow the crystal to sniff all the smoke for about 30 seconds. If you do not have open outdoors to carry out smudging, just get near to an open window or balcony that way negative energies may disperse away.

How to cleanse crystals in the soil

Earth possesses energies that cleanse and reinvigorate the spirit or soul. It is equally beneficial for cleansing the crystals. This method is for those who believe that their stone has gone through a lot and is heavy for a while and the stone needs a shake-up. Burying the stone in the dirt will get them squeaky clean after some serious energy work.

Method of cleansing

Find a safe and sacred spot to Bury your crystal in the soil. A place that you could relate to or hold a special place in your memory or under your favorite tree or your backyard? Bury the crystal and keep it in the soil for about 24 hours or for up to three to four days. This method applies to Stones that adore earth cleansing include Tigers Eye, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper, Calcite, and Agate.

How to cleanse crystals in brown rice 

Instant Pot Brown Rice Recipe (Step by Step) - Whiskaffair

Burying the crystal in brown rice can be used to draw out negative energies,  cleanse and reinvigorate the spirit.

Method of cleansing

This method applies to protective stones, such as black tourmaline. To do this, either grab an airtight jar or fill a bowl with dry brown rice and bury your stone beneath the grains. After the cleansing is done, immediately dispose of the rice, as the rice is said to have absorbed the unwanted bad energy you’re trying to eradicate. 

How to cleanse crystals using a larger stone

Using larger crystals such as Large quartz clusters, selenite slabs or, amethyst geodes can be used as another tool to cleanse smaller crystals.

Method of cleansing

Start with placing the crystal inside or on top of any of the selected stones. It is believed by many that larger stone’s energies and vibrations remove the inharmonious energies found in smaller stones.

How to cleanse crystals using intention/Visualisation

The world is set out to be working on intentions or visualizations. What you intend to or visualize is what you perceive or get in life. Although this is regarded as the safest method of stone removal, it can be scary for some. The more aligned you are with yourself, the easier it may be to redirect your energy to the stone you wish to restore. 

Method of cleansing 

Spend a few minutes recollecting and centering your energy before picking up your stone and seeing your hands overflowing with white, brilliant light. Feel the light or anything that radiates positive energy with you around the stone and feel the energy becoming brighter and stronger in your palms. Imagine the impurities being flushed out of the crystal, enabling it to shine brighter and with a fresh purpose. Continue this imagination until you notice a change in the energy of the stone or when you feel the vibe from the crystal is different.

How to cleanse crystals using sound

This is another method to cleanse crystals with the help of sound. 

Method of cleansing

You can use any type of sound to cleanse crystals. There are few sounds that we recommend: tuning fork, singing bowl, bell, chime, tingsha, or any enchanted sound or mantra. Now you want the sound to wash over the crystals and try actively to visualize the stones releasing old energies on the sound waves. This process can become more enjoyable if you know how to play a flute or violin or guitar. Be creative and follow along with the strategy.

How to cleanse crystals in running water 

This is another type of water method to cleanse. Water is an effective natural resource for all problems. It has both energies: growth and change. Placing the stone in the running water washes away all the negative energies to the Earth and restores the stone – like a new baby ready to explore more.

Method of cleansing

Running water should preferably be a running stream, but you can also place your stone under a tap or faucet. Completely submerged the stone in the water. Keep the stone in the water for one minute and pat dry when complete. That’s all for how to cleanse crystals. Happy Cleansing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Clean & Store Your Crystals Plus A 6-Step Programming Technique

Hold the crystal in your hand in your non-dominant hand, preferably your left hand because it is a receiving hand.
Get in the natural light, either outside or next to a window or balcony.
Say these words aloud “ I dedicate this crystal to the ultimate good. I pray that it be used in the spirit of love and light”
Then, program the crystal around how you want the crystal to work for you whether it be getting a job or job appraisal or personal growth, basically anything.
Once you’ve imagined the crystal’s purpose, end  by saying aloud: “I dedicate this crystal to [your purpose].”
Wear the stone for a good one week to further connect with the stone.

Other than moonlight, what ways are there to cleanse crystals?

Use Direct sunlight, smudge in sage, press down in a bowl of brown rice, submerge in running water or salt water or visualize radiant light.

How do I know if my crystal needs to be cleansed?

When you feel that the crystal is lighter and vibrations generated from the stone are different, the best way is to trust your instincts.

How often do you need to cleanse your crystals?

Well, if you have been using the stone quite often, or it feels heavier then the stone must be collecting more energy. If that is the case, you must cleanse the crystals more often. Once a month maybe. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse all of your stones at least once a month.


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