Here Come New Ideas for How To Say Shut Up In Spanish 2021

How to Say Shut Up In Spanish? Well, it is always considered rude to say “shut up” in any language that you speak. But… more often than usual people get on our nerves and we end up saying these two magical words “SHUT UP”. We reside with your anger and frustration, hence this article on how to say shut up in Spanish. You may want to use a lighter degree of saying shut up, and so, we thought of compiling all the ways to could say shut up in Spanish

How to Say Shut Up In Spanish

The rudest way to say shut up in Spanish is “Cállate”. As simple as it looks, but not as simple as it sounds. The intensity of expression will depend on the tone used by the speaker. Cállate is the imperative form of the verb ‘callarse’, and it refers to one person i.e., you. So if you want to say SHUT UP to a group of people, you need to use the verb form ‘callarse’.

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Let’s look at some other ways on how to say shut up in Spanish. 

  • Silencio – Silence

Instead of saying Cállate, you can use alternate ways to say SHUT UP in Spanish. In Spanish, there is a more formal way of saying ‘shut up’. You can use this word without referring to or addressing anyone in particular. This makes it a great choice for groups larger than one person. 

‘Silence’ is one of the more formal ways to say shut up in Spanish, but you cannot use it with just one person. 

‘Silence’ can also be used to address people you do not know. Furthermore, it is commonly used in classrooms and meetings. 

Las de atrás, 


Stay quiet, backseaters

¡Se pide silencio! No podemos escuchar.

Silence is requested! We can’t hear.

Chicas,silencio, la clase está en sesión

Girls, you have to be quiet, class is in session

Eso es consistente con mi solicitud de que guarde silencio.

That is consistent with my request that you keep silent.

  • – Cierra la Boca / Cierra la Trampa: Shut your mouth / Shut your trap

You can translate this phrase as ‘shut the trap’ or ‘shut it’. Some other variations of Cierra la Boca.

¿Puedes mantener tu trampa cerrada?
Can you keep your trap closed? 

Cierra la boca, John, estoy harto de tus comentarios

Shut your mouth, John, I’m sick of your comments 

Ustedes necesitan cerrar las trampas, Carlos y Emmanuel, su madre está hablando

You guys need to shut your traps, Carlos and Emmanuel, your mother is talking

¡Cállate lo que no sabes!

Shut up about what you don’t know!

Cállate Mark, nadie te pidió tu opinión
Be silent, Mark, no one asked you what you think

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  • Quédate Tranquilo : Be Quiet

The formal, and non-aggressive phrases to say “shut up” in Spanish. This expression could be translated as follows, depending on the situation

Tranquilizarse, Tipo

Be quiet, guys 

Christina, por favor guarda silencio

Christina, please stay silent

En cualquier caso, guarda silencio

In any case, remain silent

That is all for How to Say Shut Up In Spanish. If you know of other variations let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to say shut up stupid in Spanish?

Cállate estúpida.

How to say shut up idiot in Spanish?

Cállate idiota.

How to say shut up a dummy in Spanish?

cállate tonto.

How to say shut up in Spanish language?



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