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Daisy Mae is one of the latest characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Players know much about her but there is still more to know. Animal Crossing: New Horizons release is just over three months old, and players of all ages have been enjoying the escape from Real World’s unending disputes and disasters to an island. There are plenty of things to do and ample ways to play on the way to Five Star Island

About Daisy Mae

One aspect of Animal Crossing is getting players to invest in the lives and livelihood of their favorite villagers and visitors. One such visitor is Daisy Mae, the turnip saleswoman. Daisy Mae is the granddaughter of ol’ Sow Joan from the previous installments of Animal crossing. Daisy Mae sells Turnips but not for eating. If you buy Turnips from her, you will treat them as Stock. It is called Sow Joan’s Stalk Market. And on the off chance that you want to eat these turnips, eating 10 turnips will empower you with enough energy to move 10 trees or knockdown multiple rocks. A new character always takes time to fully unleash its characteristics. There’s a lot of speculation about Daisy Mae, so, we will cover some speculations that have left audiences wondering what’s next… A Sunday in Animal Crossing means it’s TURNIP time with Daisy Mae. 

Daisy Mae Animal Crossing Time

Animal Crossing Screen Shot 3-23-20, 1.03 PM.png

After you unlock Nook’s Cranny, Daisy Mae begins to visit you every Sunday morning. A Sunday in Animal Crossing means it’s TURNIP time with Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae is found walking around on your island but, if you can’t find Daisy Mae anywhere, check behind the trees. She might have hidden there. To be exact, Daisy Mae’s time: Sunday 5 am to 12 pm. 

Daisy Mae is her Grandma’s caretaker

I drew Daisy Mae with her Grandma Joan!: AnimalCrossing

In the prior Animal Crossing series, Joan could be found living out of an RV. However, if we look at the abundance of Turnips, one could believe that a massive farm is growing various types of Turnips. 

But there is a question: Is Daisy Mae living with her Grandma, Joan? It is possible. Since Joan has grown older, Daisy Mae might have taken over the responsibility of looking after her grandma.

Daisy Mae loves Turnip

Daisy Mae & Turnip in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Turnips are a stock item, of course, but they can be eaten too. Do you know over time many players have mentioned that Turnips are not tasty at all and, the turnips’ worth has risen for reasons not known yet? But not be surprised as Daisy Mae loves Turnips. Who wouldn’t, if it were their sole source of bread and butter? It is what we think. They have peculiar features, such as rotting after a week in real-time and being susceptible to temporal abnormalities. Perhaps the turnip has other mysterious properties that we don’t know about.

Daisy Mae - Turnip Guide - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide - IGN

Consider, however, that their worth is being influenced by an outside factor. Who or what may be the deciding element in the Stalk Market? Mae’s response will astound you. The actual mystery behind her love for Turnips shall be disclosed in later iterations of the character.

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Daisy Mae and her connection with other visitors

Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitors explained: Who they are and why  they're all important | GamesRadar+

Multiple other visitors come to the island for various reasons, from fooling villagers to selling expensive things. Most of the visitors are returning from the previous titles. Thus, if we connect dots, it would be rightly justified to say that Daisy Mae may have some connection to these visitors. May she had also traded with them or was scammed by Redd, one of the visitors. Truth can only be revealed by Daisy Mae herself.

Daisy Mae and her connection with Villagers

Who is Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? | Tips | Prima Games

Daisy Mae is referenced by the other villagers on your island, implying that they converse. Lazy locals are even amazed that she appears every week. But does she have any prior ties to any of these villagers?

Considering there would be no genealogical links because she and her grandmother are the only canonical boar villagers (not pigs), does she form any bond with them? Maybe she’d be a good foil to a cheerful villager, like the finest of them all: Peanut. 

Daisy Mae interaction with Celebrities





Nobody knew that even celebrities are fans of Animal Crossing. Recently Elijah Wood, named Eliwood in Animal Crossing, visited a player’s(JESSA) island after she tweeted her turnip prices: 599 bells. Before leaving the island Eliwood left the message, ‘Long live rian johnson’ which now is Knives Out directors Twitter’s header image. Not only Elijah Wood plays Animal Crossing, but there are also several other names on the train: Brie Larson, Ben Schwartz, and Danny Trejo. Following the train of events, it is likely that Daisy Mae has met many of these celebs who are engaging in the Stalk market. Did she ask them for an autograph?

Daisy Mae didn’t attend Amiibo Festival

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival | Wii U | Games | Nintendo

According to the Animal Crossing timeline, Daisy Mae has been alive and well for some time now, and has most likely been aiding in the past, although in the shadows. Aside from Pocket Camp, the most recent installment was Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, in which Joan appears to sell turnips to the characters wandering about the board.

Given Joan’s importance to the economy, it’s surprising that her granddaughter Daisy Mae was not also invited to the world-famous Amiibo Festival.

When will Joan visit Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

Joan visited on Sunday too, thus in Animal Crossing Sunday without Joan isn’t Sunday at all. Daisy Mae also writes in her island evaluation that she wishes she could bring Joan to the island but is unable to do so due to Joan’s weak knees.

Will the villagers be able to reconnect with Gram-Gram if she recovers from her illness? This is something Nintendo should think about. Maybe considering a new challenge to unlock before Joan could visit? 

These were some speculations about Daisy Mae, if you know of any, let us know below in the comments. Anyhow, players may find it hard to find Daisy Mae, here is a little guide on where to find Daisy Mae.

Where to find Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Turnips Guide: Buy, Sell, And Store Turnips - Nairaland /  General - Nigeria

The reason why it is hard to find Daisy Mae is because of her busy schedule, which is understandable. However, she visits your island every Sunday on a specific timeline. If you can’t make up for that timeline you miss the chance to trade with Daisy Mae. She comes around 5 am and leaves by noon. The orange boar will be out of her town as soon as the knockdown clock hits 5 am. So be an early riser on a Sunday to catch up with Daisy Mae.

Additionally, players are required to finish Nook’s Cranny before Daisy Mae could pay a visit to their island. Nook’s Cranny is the first series of Tom Nook’s Store and without this players can’t check up on Turnip’s prices nor they can turn themselves into shopkeepers to make a profit.

To build Nook’s Cranny, players must first earn 5000 Nook Miles and pay off their Island Gateway Package. Later, with the help of Tom Nook, they must transform their tent into a house. On a succeeding day, Timmy will ask the player to obtain supplies needed to build Nook’s Cranny at the Resident Services.

Then, they will cut off various trees and collect iron nuggets by hitting rocks on the island with their axes. Then players can decide where they wish to build the shop of the Nook family. Daisy Mae isn’t simple to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but once found, she’s definitely worth the effort if players can sell their turnips correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does Daisy Mae leave?

Daisy Mae has a departure time of noon. Wander around your island to find Daisy Mae. If you don’t notice her, she can easily be hidden behind some trees!


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